A simple trading game for CGAjam, as my first game, I expect lot of criticism.


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this is one of the most original TIC-80 idea for a game. Its not everyday that you see a trading sim. The core is good. now you can implement some backstory and radon events to cause price fluctuations and minor bonus/onus while you travell betwen the points!


I do have a minor fix patch to fix some alignment of town names. But I do not plan to expand this game further. (However, the universe will definitely get expanded), currently I'm working on another game for grow jam, expect that in a few days.

First game eh? Not gunna lie, it was not fun. But keep it up! You should have your current amount of money show up while shopping.

I'll add current amount of money to shop screen, why didn't I do it... I kinda forgot.

As far as not fun... thanks for feedback!

Couldn't figure out how to buy anything. I think the city screen would be improved by displaying controls.  

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Noted, I will add message with controls on start and on first time you enter city.

EDIT: Made some improvements, is it clear now?

Yep buying/selling makes sense now. The last change I would recommend is to leave 'press Z to exit' on screen. Especially since the escape key drops you back to the pico shell.

Thank you for feedback! Z to exit trade screen added!